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Full Moon Practices and Rituals

Whether you are starting your journey with magic and the metaphysical or it has been in your life for a while, learning about and working with the Lunar Cycle can be so helpful. Human beings, but women in particular, are directly tied to the moon through the cycles that ebb and flow in our life. And once you begin to register habits, feelings, and actions and correlate them to the energy of the moon, you are able to start seeing how connected we truly are. So we will be breaking down the different phases of the moon, what their energy is and what rituals you can do to support yourself.

Full Moons are centered around the energy of completion and manifestation. They complete the waxing cycle and begin the waning cycle of the Moon phases. Energetically, leading up to and during the Full Moon you may feel some physical symptoms like having difficulty sleeping or feeling energized at night, feeling hungrier than normal, and experiencing intense emotions or mood swings. This is a time to utilize the energy of the Full Moon to help you manifest the intentions you set during the New Moon. 

So what can you do to provide yourself extra self love and support during this time? Let’s talk about practices and rituals!


One of the most important things you can do all the time, but especially during the Full Moon is listen to your body. If you are feeling extra restless during this time, try burning off that energy through exercise or by working on a project. If you are able to, trying to sleep in a little later than usual may also help you catch up on any poor sleep you get during the lead up to the Full Moon. 

Spend time outside to help ground your body. During a Full Moon, it can be easy to get caught up in your head. Consider going on walks or hikes, meditating or journaling outside, laying out underneath the stars, or even taking your morning beverage outside to soak in all that good energy. 

Spend some time getting detailed with your manifestations. If you are looking for a relationship, describe what you are looking for out of that relationship, where you want to meet that person, how you want to feel around that person etc. If you are trying to find a place to live, get specific about what you need out of a space, or where you want to live. By casting out this vision you are putting more energy into it.


Create your own Moon Water. Place a clear, glass  container of water in view of the moon, so that it can be charged by the Full Moon light. Moon Water can be used to make tea, wash your water safe crystals to recharge them, make tinctures, cleanse your face or hair, or even used with fresh flowers. 

Charge and Cleanse your Crystals. The Full Moon is an excellent time to recharge your crystals and infuse them with whatever you are trying to manifest. You don’t have to place them outside if you don’t want to, you can also place your crystals on or near a window in which they would get moon light throughout the night. 

Disconnect for the night and focus on yourself. By taking the time to step away from social media, you allow yourself to be more present in the actual energy of the Full Moon. You can use this time to work with your manifestations, recharge through doing meditations or yoga flows, or even journal.

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