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Seasonal Self Care Box

A quarterly box curated to support you in the ever changing seasons of self care.

Take care of yourself with intention

Digital Support 

Each box will contain videos and descriptions 

Each quarterly box contains hand picked items to support you in each season; whether that means growth, nourishment, or rest. 

Exclusive experiences to help you create self care practices

You will receive at least a $150 value in each box, made up of a variety of self care tools. Each box consists of at least 5 crystals, physical energy clearing products, tools to infuse into your daily routine, as well as personalized healings specifically created to go with each season!  These curated items are a surprise that you will experience upon opening the box; think of it as a gift made just for you. With each box you automate your self care with the season! 

Seasonal Self Care Box

$99 with Quarterly Subscription

$125 One Time Purchase

Sienna Moon's Seasonal Self Care Box. It is a cardboard box with a sticker being held by a pair of hands.
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