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Seasonal Self Care Box

Welcome to our Seasonal Self Care Box. This quarterly subscription box was created for you; to help you feel more supported in your daily rituals and routines. Every item and experience is focused on supporting you in feeling more cared for and connected to your most authentic self.

What's inside?

Digital Support 

Each box will contain videos and descriptions 

Each one of our boxes is full of hand selected, custom designed and uniquely chosen tools to support and empower you on this journey. Every delivery will include at least $150 worth of value for your $99 subscription. We will fill your box with 

  • At least 5 hand selected crystals to support your energy in the upcoming months 

  • Two or more physical tools to help you learn new methods of caring for yourself- in the past these have looked like customized journals, self care card decks, crystal grids, etc. 

  • An energy clearing tool to help give you a little refresh for the season

  • Access to digital healings, meditations and sound completely customized to best support your energy in that specific season

With each box you automate your self care with the season you are growing into!

Sienna Moon Seasonal Self Care Box Winter Items

Seasonal Self Care Box

$99 with Quarterly Subscription

$125 One Time Purchase

Sienna Moon Seasonal Self Care Box Winter Items

What does it look like?

What does this look like? Each box is imagined and curated around a central theme - what actions, tools, healings and energy will most support you in whatever season you are growing into. So for a season like Winter - this will be inspired by the energy of rest and recharge. In Spring, you can expect items to support you as you plant the seeds of ideas, energies and intentions you want to grow in this upcoming year. Summer is full of long days and sunny energy - a perfect time to grow your boundaries and commit your energy to things that light you up from inside. Fall will come full of items and support in acknowledging what the abundance and bounty you’ve harvested this year - a beautiful time for reflection, gratitude and leaning into the present moment. Each season inspires certain actions and intentions. When we allow ourselves the grace to live within the natural eb and flow of the universe it can help prevent burnout, help you feel more purposeful and support you in being more in tune and connected to your most authentic self. Even the largest Oak tree sheds its leaves, deepens its roots and gains strength from seasonal living. Imagine the magic you could unlock by finding your own, unique flow through the seasons; remembering and relearning how you need to be supported and cared for.

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