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6 Top Crystals for Cancers

Welcome to Cancer season!

Cancers are generally known as the “mom friend” of the Zodiac, due to their empathy and emotional attunement. They are sensitive and incredibly intuitive. Cancers, like their crab symbol, are homebodies and love to create spaces that feel comfortable to them. They are emotionally intelligent and can often read a room with ease. It may take a second to get past their hard exterior, but when you do get access to their full selves you will find yourself.


Moonstone is the June Birthstone and one of the stones with the strongest connection to the moon, which is the planetary ruler of Cancer. Moonstone is the stone of Divine Feminine change which is all about your internal processes. Your intuition, decision making, and thoughts are all ruled by the feminine, and when you are going through major changes or discoveries, Moonstone is a wonderful support stone. For Cancers, it allows them to fully work with their intuition and find confidence within themselves.


Ruby (July’s Birthstone) is an amazing stone for Cancers as it boosts life force energy. If you are feeling sluggish or like you’ve been running out of energy, ruby helps you recenter and feel more awake, more alert, and more aware. In this awareness, it can help you discover deep inner truths like your purpose and deepest desires.


Rhodonite is one of the most valuable stones that a Cancer can have in their toolkit. It is all about helping you focus on your own opinion of yourself, rather than seek outward validation. It’s a grounding stone full of self love and the message that your own worth is within and you are the only one who determines that. Especially if you are an overgiver, Rhodonite is a key ally in establishing boundaries.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is another stone all about Self Love. Rose Quartz reminds you that you deserve to open yourself up to accepting love. This stone was a light and airy energy, allowing it to flow easily with Cancer’s watery elemental nature. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, teaching us that to be alive means you are inherently deserving of love, even if you struggle to see it for yourself.


Amber is the perfect sunshine to break up the often turbulent emotions of a Cancer. It absorbs negative energy, providing relief to overstimulated nerves and bringing peace and calm to the body. Amber also helps to bring out your inner courage and self confidence, leading to quicker decision making, and a happier, bolder self.


Garnet is a wonderful grounding stone for Cancers as it protects and grounds without weighing them down or feeling restrictive. Garnet allows you to unpack childhood and deep emotional wounds while feeling secure and remaining grounded in your body. If you have a tendency to have big, swinging emotions that feel hard to control, Garnet can be there to help balance and stabilize your moods.

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