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What's Pluto Retrograde Anyway?

Today is the beginning of Pluto Retrograde (also known as Pluto RX). You may have read about it in our newsletter or heard about it coming up online, but do you actually know what it means or how it affects you? Pluto Retrograde can be a misunderstood transit, but it is here to help you grow.

When we hear about a planet “stationing Retrograde” it means that from our vantage point on Earth it appears as if the planet is moving backwards. This correlates with the feeling that everything relating to that planet is getting flipped upside down to reveal where we need to find growth, change, and healing. 

Pluto is the planet of magic, transformation, and shadow. When Pluto stations Retrograde it is a time where our shadow begins to show up more prominently. Your shadow is, simply put, the parts of yourself that you’d rather keep in the dark. This might be parts of yourself that you experience as embarrassing, shameful, frustrating or just unlovable. When these feelings come up it can sometimes feel frustrating or inconvenient, but it is coming up for a reason. True healing can come when we work with our shadows to identify where we hold pain and shame from our past. It helps us identify when a boundary has been crossed and can help us see where we may be holding on to things. If it has felt like some old wounds have continued to pop up in the last few weeks, consider sitting with them and examining why they are coming up. 

Now one thing to keep in mind when we are talking about feeling the effects of a planet being stationed retrograde is how close that planet is to the sun. Planets that are closer to the sun, and to Earth by default, tend to have shorter retrograde periods that feel more intense. This applies to planets like Mercury, Venus, and even Mars. Planets that are further away have much longer periods of retrograde, but they may not feel as constantly present. Think of it as a longer period of change and growth that will at times feel challenging, but not maybe not on a daily basis. Pluto Retrograde will be stationed Retrograde until October 11th, where it will spend most of its time stationed in Aquarius, before moving briefly back into Capricorn from September to October.

So, how can you best use this time? Like with all periods of retrograde, give yourself extra kindness and understanding as big emotions, past trauma, and deep resentments begin to show up in your life. Embrace this as a time to let yourself slowly and patiently release and heal the situations in life that keep showing up. Do you feel a lot of regret about a situation? Write it down and work through how you can forgive yourself for that. Is there a relationship you are trying to come to terms with? Identify where the boundaries are that keep getting crossed. Do you feel like you keep learning the same message but nothing is changing? Examine if you’ve actually learned it or if that’s even the message to tap into. Utilize whatever guidance tools you have and allow yourself to openly embrace and accept the parts of yourself that are asking you to help them heal.

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