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30 Minute Tarot

Receive messages from your guides during this 30 minute tarot reading with Anna. Come in with a specific intention or be open to whatever you receive!

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Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Understand yourself in a deeper way with an Astrological Birth Chart reading. In a Birth Chart Reading, Anna will spend time deciphering your chart before your appointment, and then will explain all the amazing facets of who you are. You'll learn what makes you unique and how to embrace all the aspects of yourself. We will go over your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as your other planets and houses.

Readings must be booked 2 days before, to give ample time for preparation. If you have any specific questions about your chart, write them in the Booking Form.

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Mini Astrology Reading

Learn more about your astrological placements in this focused mini reading. Choose between learning more about your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs or learning about your other planetary placements to discover more about yourself and the unique way you work. These mini readings require about 15-30 minutes of preparation time.

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Crystal Readings

This personalized shopping experience is guided by what your soul is calling for. Like a tarot reading, whatever your current burning question or what you most need will show up through the different intentions of the crystals.

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Energy Readings

Welcome to your Energy Reading, where the conversations of the universe converge to illuminate your path. Energy readings offer a unique blend of intuition, crystal healing, card insights, body awareness and a few other magical tools, guided by our intuitive practitioner, Raschel, and your and her spiritual guides.

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