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Mother's Day Gift Guide

One of the things we are passionate about at Sienna Moon is supporting other small women owned businesses. There is so much love, passion, and expertise that go into these products that we know the mom's in your life will love them!

Pure Love Essences

The scents created by Jodi at Pure Love Essences are one of Sienna Moon's best sellers! After developing sensitivities to the ingredients in most perfumes, Jodi Schwefflcreated her signature scent our of essential oils (what became Pure Love Boho). She was stopped so frequently, that she decided to start Pure Love Essences and create quality scents made with clean ingredients and infused with crystals. What is even more amazing is that Pure Love Essences is based out of Oconomowoc!

There is a scent for just about every person, whether you like something floral, leathery, woodsy, or beachy! These make incredible gifts, especially for those looking for something to mix and blend with their own scent that lasts all day!

Come and smell these beauties for yourself today!

Handmade Crystal Jewelry

You know we love jewelry at Sienna Moon, if you didn't know, it's where we got our start! I would stay up after working long shifts managing a restaurant to teach herself how to wrap crystal pendants. Flash forward 7 years and thousands of wraps later and I'm still at it (though minus all the pizza and plus a store)! In honor of Mother's Day, I created the In Bloom line. This line of completely one of a kind pieces was created to support whatever phase of bloom you are in. These pieces called to me, each with their own unique energy. What connects them is their support in aiding in different ways to flourish - whether you are looking for a piece to help you feel more focused on what matters, support in being a more authentic and truthful to your inner self or boosted in your connection to your intuition and higher self - the perfect piece is waiting for you.

You can shop these beauties online or stop by in store! There will be two more "bouquets" launching within the In Bloom line soon!

Magic Hour Tea

This is one of our newest lines at Sienna Moon and already a customer favorite! Magic Hour Tea was created by Zhena Muzyka in California. She started her business by hand mixxing tea blends to benefit not only her but anyone interested in using tea and herbs to care for their body. This tea line is dedicated to making the highest quality tea possible, with organic ingredients, biodynamic farming, whole tea leaves, and health benefits in mind. If you have a tea lover in your life, they will love this tea line. We have a wide variety, including herbal fruity teas, rich black teas, spicy chai, warming rooibos, earthy matcha, and more! Stop by the store to find the perfect addition to yours or the mom in your life's tea collection!

Burr & Oak Candles

Anna makes all of our Burr & Oak candles here at the store! These candles are handmade with the highest quality ingredients, including a Coconut Soy wax blend which helps the candle burn clean and last a long time. We just restocked all of our Zodiac Line of candles as well as our best seller, Under the Stars!

Shop online or stop by the store to smell them all!


We have so many incredible female authors in our library with books with topics ranging from body positivity, self care, and chakras to meditation, getting in touch with creativity and more! Stop by and flip through some today!

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