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Mini Reiki Session

Investment: $75

Time: 45 Minutes

Every Reiki session will begin with an energy clearing, which purges stagnant energy that may be blocking you in life. You’ll then receive Reiki, where Life Force Energy is channeled to align your chakras (energy centers) to promote healing and overall wellness. Feel tensions dissolve and worries fade away as the soothing energy of Reiki envelops you in a cocoon of tranquility. You’ll leave the session with renewed energy that aligns you with your highest path in life. *Session will also include: 1 oracle card pull/reading.

To book an appointment, contact Emily at
Reiki Therapy
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Advanced Reiki & Healing Session (With Psychic Reading)

Investment: $125

Time: 90 Minutes

Are you ready to heal on a deeper level? We’re like onions and heal in layers. This session will not only clear and realign your chakras with Reiki, but will also help you heal emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Intuitive healing is about shining a light on the inner “onion layers” which energetically exposes the root cause of pain and suffering. This experience is an opportunity for profound and transformative healing to take place.  Are you ready to start healing so you can step into the person you want to be?


Each session will include: Psychic/Divine Channeling, Energy Clearing, Reiki and Advanced Energy healing that exposes the root cause of pain/suffering. Emily is Divinely guided and will write down channeled messages that will help heal your mind, body and spirit so you may live your life in FULL purpose.

Every session is unique to the individual and some or all of the following modalities may be infused into each session:


*Sound Healing


*Inner Child Healing(releasing past/inner life trauma)

*Energetic Chord Pulling(helps bring our energy back to us)

*Aura Cleansing/repair

*Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your brain to stop unwanted behavior

*Forgiveness: Ho’Oponopono

*Anxiety: EFT Tapping

*Empathic Energy: Stop absorbing unwanted energy!

*Quantum Jumping: Manifest with ease!

To book an appointment, contact Emily at

Psychic Reading & Oracle Card Pull

Investment: $50
Time: 25 Minutes

In this session, Emily will channel Psychic messages from Divine Spirit that are for the highest good of all. You may ask 3 questions or let whatever information flow through that Spirit is delivering.  

(Each session will include 3 oracle card pulls/reading.)

To book an appointment, contact Emily at

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Spiritual Empowerment Sessions

Investment: $50
Time: 45 Minutes

Spiritual Empowerment Sessions are all about guiding and empowering you with the knowledge you need to activate your intuition and step into your authentic self, so you can live your life in FULL purpose. This session integrates active listening, education of healing and energy modalities which can help release trauma, and activate your intuition.

To book an appointment, contact Emily at

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