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5 Best Crystals for Taurus Season

Taurus is one of the most grounded signs of the Zodiac. Hardworking and determined, they are able to take on any task that comes their way. They crave security and find the most centered and connected when abundance is flowing. Like their symbol the bull implies, Taureans tend to be stubborn when they believe they are right.

For all the tremendous willpower and dedication that Taureans and Taurus itself as a sign displays, self care and romanticizing day to day life are equally as important.

So, when we were picking the best possible stones for Taurus, we factored in what they would need to support them throughout their season


Jade is a stone of abundance and calm, both of which help ground Taureans and connect them to a sense of safety. This helps them manifest and grow any desire they have with confidence.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is a mature stone of self love, that grounds the heart and reminds you of how deserving you are of love. For those under the sign of Taurus, honoring yourself and focusing on self care is important to keep balanced.

Black Tourmaline

Remaining grounded and connected to the Earth is an incredibly important thing for Taureans. It helps you remain deeply rooted to yourself and your choices, making it easier to make decisions that feel in alignment with you. 


Rhodonite helps Taureans create boundaries relating to their heart. Honoring your own boundaries can help prevent burn out or feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are someone who takes on the struggles of others easily.


One thing many of those with Taurus placements can struggle with is asking for help. Chrysocolla encourages them to speak up and ask for what they need, rather than being stubborn and eventually burning themselves out. 

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