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What's Mercury Retrograde Anyway?

If you have stopped by the store, talked to anyone that is into astrology, or read our newsletter this week, you have probably heard about Mercury Retrograde. But do you know what it means or how it might affect you? Mercury Retrograde (or Mercury RX as you might have seen it written as) is a complicated and misunderstood astrological phenomenon that happens multiple times per year. So let’s talk about it!

Mercury Retrograde happens when from our viewpoint on Earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards. Mercury is the ruler of technology, the digital world, and communication, and it is one of the planets closest to Earth. This is why we perceive it as being in retrograde so much more frequently than other planets. When any planet is in Retrograde, the situations and ideas that it rules will be reversed, showing where the stress points are in your life relating to that. If you want to look even more specifically, check out where the Gemini and Virgo placements are in your chart, as these two signs are ruled by Mercury.

It’s here to flip things upside down in your life in order to show you what isn’t working in your life. Does it feel like you’ve dropped the ball on important things? Maybe it’s pointing out that you have taken on too many of other people’s responsibilities. Have you sent an email to the wrong person? Maybe this is pointing out that you need to slow down in your day to day. Even your phone breaking or glitching could be the universe telling you that you need to ground and focus back in on your life.

As frustrating as these experiences can be, they are here for a reason. Take this period of time as a reminder that it is necessary to slow down, ground, and look at your life to see if you are making things more complicated than they need to be. It’s a time to embrace some internal spring cleaning and allow what isn’t working to leave your life.

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