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How We Create the Seasonal Self Care Box

We have just finished one of my favorite parts of creating the mystery box, which is the planning! I love working with Michelle and Anna and casting the vision of what we want to create and show in our box for that upcoming month. So I wanted to share our process for creating the Winter Box to give you a little behind the scenes peek!

When we were diving into our winter box, our goal was to give you some amazing tools to use when you are in this beautiful state of reflecting and recharging. We knew our goal was to find a deck that would be an amazing introduction to pulling cards and creating a daily or weekly ritual of communicating with your guides and seeing what additional support you'd need that week. Once we knew that, then we decided to find a really sweet journal that would give you the space to write your thoughts in a more free flowing manor, rather than jotting down quick daily intentions.

Then it comes to the fun part with crystals. Anna, Michelle, and I will start brainstorming what uses or intentions we want the crystals to have. Since winter is this time of deep rejuvenating self love, we knew we wanted something that worked with the heart chakra like Rose Quartz. We then thought about stones that help you dive deeper into your inner self and connecting to your higher self, so we knew something would have to fall into the Crown or Third Eye chakra. Our last major thought was keeping in mind what Winter can feel like especially in Wisconsin. It can be gray, cold, and a little gloomy at times, so we wanted to bring in something soothing for the crown chakra to help with depression and anxiety from the weather and something that would help ground you and connect you back with your body.

Once we make these bigger plans, the three of us break off and start our hunt. Michelle is our queen of the hunt. She is able to find so many unique items for the box that often become staples for the store. Her mission for this box was to find the perfect deck and journal for the box. Anna hand designs our "menu" which lists all of the items in the box and creates any additional graphics need like handouts or even note pads. I create all of our meditations and healings, and together Michelle and I hand select each crystal. We like to either custom design a bracelet or create a bracelet stack, so that is one of the first things that gets worked on! Then we went looking for stones! On this trip, we found some of the most beautiful clusters of Smoky Quartz and Celestite I have ever seen. I knew immediately the Smoky would be perfect for the grounding stone, while Celestite has long been a favorite of mine for tapping into your dreams and higher self. We also found these stunning Girasol Rose Quartz massage wands that I wasn't expecting to find. It's these beautiful little discoveries that are the reason Michelle and I like to go and hand pick out the stones. It's like the stones get to pick which ones go home with us and are put in the boxes!

We also found one of my favorite cuts of Amethyst, which are these little mountain range slices. You get to see all the layers of agate and quartz that make up the Amethyst and they are just so unique. We also found our black tourmaline nuggets (another great stone for grounding) and Rose Quartz and Lepidolite thumb stones that day. Lepidolite is an amazing stone for anxiety and depression, and can help you remain calm even when it's gray or you're stressed out driving in snow!

Once we have finished our collecting, we start crafting the box. Each piece is hand wrapped by Brenda, Michelle, or Anna so that you get the experience of each any every piece being a surprise! Then the boxes begin to go out. Once the very last box for a season goes out, we begin again!

Creating this box has been such a fulfilling part of our journey, and we can't wait for you to see what we've got coming up next!

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