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5 Best Crystals for Pisces

Pisces are the dreamers of the Zodiac who like to live with their heads in the clouds. They are incredibly empathetic, sometimes to the disservice of themselves. Pisces can absorb and take on the emotions around them. They are open minded and tend to look at the world with rose colored glasses. Many have deep psychic abilities and connect easily to their higher selves. Since they are often disconnected from their bodies, staying grounded and connected to the Earth can be challenging.

So, when we were picking the best possible stones for Pisces, we factored in what they would need to support them throughout their season


For Pisces whose head is often in the clouds, Fluorite is an amazing stone to help you gather your attention and focus it on whatever you are looking to work on or accomplish. This is a great stone to have on a desk or near you while you work.

Volcanic Hematite

Think of Volcanic Hematite like little bubbles that come up and surround you with protection. For all Pisces, it is important to come down from the sky and connect with the Earth. Volcanic Hematite helps you feel protected and grounded


Since Pisces are so easily able to connect to other people’s emotions, wearing and having Selenite in their home is crucial. It helps them keep their energy fields clean, and can prevent feeling overwhelmed by people and situations.


Many Pisces can struggle with being overwhelmed by taking on other people’s feelings or feel intense anxiety in social situations. Lepidolite is an amazing stone for this, since it naturally contains lithium which can help calm intense emotions.


Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for Pisces, and it is an amazing stone to help them connect to their throat chakra. If you struggle with your creativity, or feeling safe expressing yourself, Aquamarine is a great tool.

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