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5 Best Crystals for Aries Season

Aries are bright, bold, and full of energy. As the first sign of the Zodiac, they tend to come in knowing exactly what they want and when they want it. They have a warm and passionate energy to them, that can be invigorating to be around. Aries also act as the change makers and action takers of the Zodiac. If something needs to be said or done to initiate change in their world, the Aries is happy to be exactly that. With all that action, they can struggle to slow down and think about what they’re doing and how ti may affect others. Despite this, Aries are fun to be around and can infuse any situation with excitement.

So, when we were picking the best possible stones for Aries, we factored in what they would need to support them throughout their season


Garnet is a beautiful grounding stone that encourages a grounding and centered energy, especially when Aries get caught up in bold and intense emotions. It provides a steady groundedness that keeps their mind focused on what is in front of them. 


Labradorite allows Aries to tap into their intuitive side, while harnessing their fiery energies. If you are an Aries and struggle to connect to your own abilities, consider picking up a piece to help ground and refocus their energy.


Citrine is a powerful stone of manifestation and abundance. Citrine helps the often ambitious and driven Aries to attract and create a life that feels abundant and satisfying. It also has a fiery energy that speaks to the inner flame of Aries.


Carnelian helps Aries tap into their fiery courage and drive. It fans the flames of creativity within and can keep them motivated to complete a task or idea, even if at first it seems out of their wheelhouse.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz provides Aries a chance to take a deep breath and focus their minds. While being able to read a room and react to the energy is their super power, Aries can often benefit from a moment to gather their thoughts and direct their energy with purpose. 

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