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Summer Solstice Rituals

Happy Summer Solstice! This is the longest day of the year, the official start of summer, and the perfect time to embrace the active energy of the summer season. With the extra sun we have, it is an excellent time to spend extra time with friends and family or put some energy into one of the intentions you had for the year. 

If you are wanting to take advantage of the beautiful energy we have on the Summer Solstice to support you in your self care, keep reading to find outsome ways to work with and connect to it below!

Connect with Fiery Energy

Since the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, an excellent way to celebrate it is extending the fiery energy into the night with a bonfire. You can gather your loved ones together while soaking in the crackling flames. If you don’t have the ability to have a bonfire, doing a Burn and Release ritual is an excellent way to work with the energy of fire. 

To do a burn and release ritual there are a few simple steps. First, take a grounding breath and clear your energy. This can be with a spray, smudging yourself, or even stepping out into the beautiful Summer Solstice sun. Next, write down what habits, thought patterns, people, or things you want to release from your life on a piece of paper. Then take it out to a well ventilated space and light it on fire. As it burns imagine each one of things you wrote on that paper burning up and turning into smoke, flying up into the ether. 

Work with Seasonal Herbs and Flowers

Celebrating the seasonality of Summer is an amazing way to get in touch with the energy of the Solstice. Utilizing herbs connect the sun and the Summer Solstice can help you find a flow with the new energy of the season. You can make bouquets, use essential oils created from the plants, burn a candle with the scent, make a boil pot, or even include them with a burning blend that you smudge with in the summer!

  • St. John’s Wort is an herb regularly harvested around the Summer Solstice that has many uses including protection, love and helping aid in psychic work. It is often planted around the home for protection or is dried and hung inside.

  • Lavender is another flower that blooms starting in June and is often used in different ceremonies to help bring in peace and tranquility. Lavender is an amazing addition to any burning blend to help bring peace and love into your home.

  • Calendula is a sunny bright yellow flower that has a special tie to the sun and its energy! It follows the Sun throughout the day, and can help bring in success, optimism, and warm abundance. Try it in a tea, a bouquet, or even in your burning blends. 

  • Mint helps you cool down, but it also has many properties metaphysically. It is said to help aid in self expression and speaking, as well as in attracting good luck and love.. 

You can also head to your local Farmer’s Market or flower shop to see what flowers they have to make your own bouquet. This act centered around creatively working with abundance from the earth can help you bring in joyful energy to your home. 

Use the Sun’s energy to help support your Intentions 

This is a time of powerful energy. We are officially half way through the year and with the Full Moon in Capricorn, we are completing major cycles from the first half of the year. Take this day to complete those old cycles and recommit yourself to what you want to bring into your life for the rest of the year. Spending time writing those new intentions out in the sun during the Summer Solstice can help you find clarity in what you want to work on moving forward.

It is also an incredible time to charge your crystals in the sun. When you charge your crystals in the sun, rather than the moon, you can fill it with masculine “doing” energy. This can help you actually jump start on your goals and more easily work in the physical with your crystals. 

However you celebrate this Solstice, I hope you take some time to sit out and enjoy the beautiful energy that comes on the longest day of the year.

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