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Summer Fun with your Dog

Ah yes, the weather is getting warmer and it’s time to get outside and enjoy all of the festivities! If you are a dog owner you may take them with you so that they can enjoy the fun as well, here are a few fun tips to make your summer a blast for both your dog and yourself:

  • WATER: If you are going to be by a lake and your dog enjoys the water make sure to grab a floating toy to play catch with. If you are going to be on the lake it’s better to be safe than sorry so grab a life jacket for your pet as well. If you are on the boat and moving fast it’s a good idea to have them leashed to something secure.

  • FOOD: Human food isn’t great for your dog but if you want to share here are a few fruits and veggies that your dog may enjoy and are safe for them: Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans, Apples (remove core and seeds), Blueberries, Seedless Watermelon and Sweet Potatoes

  • BEAVAGES: Just like us we get thirsty so does your dog, make sure to bring some water for them as well.

  • BAREFEET: HOT Pavement!!! Ouch, if it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on it’s definitely too hot for your pup. Rule of thumb is if you can put the back of your hand on the hot pavement for 7 seconds then it’s safe for your pups to walk on however if you can’t then it’s definitely too hot for them!

  • COOL: Dogs can become overheated just like us. Here are a few safe ways to help cool your dog down without putting them in shock. - First off how to tell if your dog is becoming overheated:

    • Wobbly, Disoriented, Extreme panting, Excessive drooling, Color change of the gum change and vomiting.

- Steps to take in order to cool your pup down from being overheated

  • Get them inside where it’s cooler

  • Give them cool water not ICE cold water

  • Turn a fan of them

  • Take a cool washcloth and place it under their armpits or on their stomach

  • Place their paws in cool water or put cooling packs on them in a towel.

  • BUGS: Ticks and other bugs can be extremely harmful to your dogs so using the right Flea and Tick products are a must, even those pesky mosquitoes can be harmful. Make sure to check with your Vet for the most effective treatment that is right for your pup.

Hopefully these were some helpful tips that will make the summer festivities a blast!

Warm Regards,


Animal Communicator

Service and Obedience Dog Trainer

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