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What's Energy Work, anyway?

We’ve talked all month about ways to take care of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit through your words, actions, and creating time for yourself. Another wonderful way to take care of yourself is through energy work.

Energy Work is at the core of all of our services. It is the concept of moving and shifting energy around to bring balance and peace to your body, your mind, your pets, and even your home. A common form of energy work is Reiki, which is something you might have seen or overheard when walking around Sienna Moon. Reiki is the art of moving Universal Life Force Energy (or Ki) to help promote peace, relaxation, and healing. It is the basis of many of our practitioner’s practices and is the focus of our most popular class Reiki 1.

Colleen offers 30 and 60 minute Reiki sessions. These sessions allow your body to unwind and find a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Tina offers both 30 and 60 minute visions of her Crystal Reiki & Oracle sessions. Her services incorporate crystal healing into the reiki session, plus a card reading at the end. These readings can help you understand why your energy became stuck and what messages your guides have for you. Tina also offers 30 minute Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings on their own. These allow you to get clarity on specific questions and find guidance.

Brenda uses animal reiki and communication to help your pets with their own physical pain, anxiety, and behaviors. This energy work can help improve your relationship with them and bring peace to your home.

In addition to reiki, there are other forms of energy work. This energy work has the same goal of shifting and realigning energy, but may use different tools to get there. Practices like aura scans, breath work, and sound healing all fall into this larger Energy Work category.

Donna offers a few different sessions for her clients surrounding energy work. For those who are looking to become pregnant, she offers her Conscious Conception Cleanse. This can help you identify energetic blocks regarding pregnancy and fertility. She also offers Prenatal Energy Sessions for those who are pregnant and are looking for extra support. In addition to support with pregnancies, Donna has Aura Scans. These scans allow her to look at the different layers of your aura and identify blocks and move them.

Raschel uses Breath Work and Sound Healing in her practices. Breath work utilizes the breath to push out old energy and bring in new, revitalizing you and moving stuck energy. Sound Healing utilizes instruments and tools like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and even rain sticks to begin to shift the energy in your body. Sound Healing is deeply relaxing and is a wonderful tool for helping move deeply stuck energy.

Starting in March, Raschel will also be helping you shift the energy in your home! Feng Shui services and energetic home clearing services can take stagnant energy in your home and reinvigorate it.

Energy and the way we experience it greatly affects the way we live our lives and how we feel on a day to day basis. By incorporating some form of energy work into your life you can find a new level of comfort and relaxation; something we all need in our self care.

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