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Have You Met Tina?

Have you met Tina? Each month we will be doing a feature on one of our practitioners here at Sienna Moon. For April, we will be talking about Tina!

Tina Boknevitz is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Crystal Healer and Energy Healer at Sienna Moon. She first began her journey into the metaphysical around 2016. She was searching for a way to reduce the stress that stemmed from her job and overall way of living. From there she decided to dedicate herself to studying and practicing energy balancing.

In her free time, Tina loves to be outside in the sun gardening! She has a vegetable garden and can’t wait to get her hands in the dirt once we start to get warmer weather! Tina also has an amazing Youtube Channel called Energetic Healing with Tina B where she posts a wide variety of videos all centered around energetic healing.

Tina offers services and classes at Sienna Moon in a variety of subjects. Her services are Crystal Reiki & Oracle and Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reading. Crystal Reiki & Oracle is an hour-long energy healing session that combines the use of reiki, crystals, light language, and MDT. At the end Tina spends time doing an oracle card pull that helps her interpret everything she saw in your session and give you some advice to help maintain your chakra/energetic balance.

She also offers Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings, which are half hour readings where she uses multiple different decks to help you uncover messages from your guides. These expanded versions of what she offers after her sessions, and can be a great help if you are feeling lost or torn on a decision.

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