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5 Ways to Get Out and Ground yourself in Nature

When you are feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, or just not like yourself, sometimes the best action to take is to get outside and ground yourself back to nature. The fresh air, ionic energy, and solid ground of nature can help settle our bodies and guide us back towards our natural rhythm. While any activity outside can be helpful, here are 5 that can help you find that inner peace.

1. Grounding

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reinvigorate that connection to the earth. Grounding is connecting your bare feet to the earth and allowing the energy to flow up through your feet to your ankles and legs. You can stand or sit as long as you’d like, imagining yourself growing roots and finding the gravity of the earth.

2. Walking after a Rainstorm

After it rains, there are large amounts of negative ionic energy in the air. These negative ions can help our body balance its moods and have even shown to help seasonal affective disorder. The combination of movement and the negative ions are wonderful for pulling you out of your funk and allowing you to begin shifting your mind and how you are approaching different areas in your life.

3. Conscious Breathing and Meditation

Conscious breathing and meditation can be a great daily practice that you can do anywhere and for any amount of time. There are so many opportunities to get out in nature in our daily lives, whether that’s sitting on a bench during a lunch break or while you walk your dog. You can use these times to focus on taking deep breaths and noticing where you feel stress or tension in your body. You can also use this time for a quick meditation. There are different apps that have meditations available, and Youtube is also a fantastic, free resource.

4. Gardening

Gardening is a fantastic way to connect back with the Earth. Your hands are in the soil, which is connecting you physically to the ground, but you are also putting love and care back into the earth. This is also a great time for noticing your breathing, and spend some time focusing on yourself and what you enjoy doing. Plus, you get the benefit of a beautiful garden at the end of it!

5. Movement

Movement can come in so many forms, whether it’s walking on the beach, doing yoga outside, doing tai chi, hiking, or playing outside with kids or grandkids. By expressing our energy physically, we begin to feel a deeper connection to the world around us. It can take you out of your mind and the worried thoughts within and allow you to find that grounding in nature.

The next time you begin to feel anxiety, frustration, or like you’re missing something; take a moment and go outside. Nature can help you find your way back!

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