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Top Tips for the Summer Solstice!

Hello all of you beautiful souls. Today is the official Summer Solstice! We are being blessed with the longest sun filled day of the year. Making it the perfect time to schedule some self love and care into your life.

Top Tips for Leaning into the Magic of the Solstice!

1. Get outside - go for a walk, sink your feet into the sand, hug a tree, water your plants, feel the sunshine on your face. In whichever way feels best, go and connect down with mother earth. There's a sweetness in the air when the sun warms our day from ealy in the morning, until late into the evening - perfect for pouring some extra light into yourself.

2. Cook something that makes you feel good. Tis the season for all our favorite fruits and veggies to be blooming into their most delicious state! It is a great day to grab something from your garden, make a meal from scratch, create a pile of food from the earth that makes your mouth water.

3. Connect with your favorite people. Solstice, sunshine and connection - this season is all about being in community. You know the people who light up your world, today is the day to reach out to them and put something on the calendar. The people who support and lift us up are the perfect people to focus your attention on this season. Meet up for an adventure day, share some laughs at your local beer garden, or spend some time shopping at your favorite store (Sienna Moon would love to see you :))

4. Get intentional. Carve out a few minutes today to focus just on connecting your body to your mind and spirit. Today is super charged with some beautifully potent energy! Find your favorite meditation - instead of sitting in stillness, add some movement. Whether its going for a walk, flowing through some yoga, stretching - bridging the gap that sometimes presents itself between our mind and body is especially powerful during solstice. This would also be a great day to complete a body scan meditation. Pulling out your favorite deck and pulling some cards for yourself is also a beautiful way to reinforce the beautiful connection of mind, body and soul.

5. Take a few minutes to make a list of some ways you'll pour into yourself this Summer Season. There are a few more days to subscribe to receive your Summer Self Care Box! This box was carefully curated with crystals, intention setting tools, home clearing goodies, digital healings, in person classes and more - all focused on making you feel your best this season. Learning how to take better care of yourself is something we are beyond passionate about.

We are offering a Solstice Special! If you choose to commit to your self care today, June 21st -- You will receive a free gift included in your box!

I wish you the absolute best day and we are sending so much love your way from Sienna Moon!

Grace Brunette Stadler

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