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Top 5 Questions about Card Readings answered!

Some of the questions we get the most when people are exploring the metaphysical world are about card reading. They ask "What's the difference between Tarot and Oracle?", "How does it work?", or even"Could I ever do that for myself?"

So we wanted to take some time today and talk about all things pulling cards! We'll explain the difference between the two here, but be sure to check out our blog for even more answers!

What's the Difference between Tarot and Oracle?

A hand holding three tarot cards.
Cards from the Fountain Tarot Deck

First up, the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards! You can think of Tarot like a deck of cards. While there may be different designs on them or they may have slightly different names, there will always be a specific set of cards. That is the Major Arcana (think of cards like Death, the Lovers, the Fool etc) and Minor Arcana (Think of cards like the Two of Cups, King of Wands, Ten of Swords etc). These will be the same throughout Tarot decks and they have specific meanings that when combined provide a bigger picture. These may or may not have guide books included, but you can find meanings through other online sources as well.

A hand holding colorful oracle cards
Cards from the Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle Deck

Oracle cards are created by the Author and Artists with messages and meanings completely customized to the deck itself. These decks usually have a specific theme to them and guide books that explain the meaning behind the card. Oracle cards can often invite more interpretation to how it relates to your life, since they are a little less structured.

How do I choose which is better for me?

This is totally up to you. We recommend trying each out to see what feels more right for you. We have multiple decks open at Sienna Moon for you to play around with to see what works best for you. Many people like to have multiple decks and a combination of tarot and oracle decks to see what feels right for a particular day or reading.

If you'd like to start out with just one, think about how you would like to use the deck to receive messages. Do you want something open ended that allows you to discover where it applies in your life? An oracle deck may be more up your alley, since they have broader messages. If you are looking for something with more directions or structure, a tarot deck may be the way to go!

How does card reading work?

Card pulling or card reading is a way to receive guidance and work with your intuition. Think of it as a medium with which your guides can communicate with you. The cards you feel drawn to pull are not random, and are messages that provide information for you to consider. When you receive a reading or do a reading for yourself, it is important to stop and see where things apply to your life or what thoughts or actions it inspires.

Can anyone read their own cards?

Definitely! Though it is a skill that takes time to nurture, everyone is able to pick up their own deck and begin utilizing it to help guide themselves. A great way to start is with pulling daily cards for yourself to begin to work with your intuition and start to understand your own system of how to tell which cards are meant to be yours today. This can be a physical reaction like a shiver or the card feeling cooler or hotter than the others. It can also be an internal indicator that is more of a feeling.

A woman holding tarot cards
Someone reading their own tarot cards

How do I learn how to pull my own cards?

If you are brand new to card reading, there are a few places to start. The first would be with the deck itself. All oracle decks and most tarot decks come with a book that have the meanings of each card within them. These books also generally begin with card placement formations and tips for beginning to pull your own cards!

The second place you can begin to look is online! There are many different resources online that can provide you with tips on how to pull your own cards, as well as new ways to lay your cards out. If you are exploring tarot, websites like Biddy Tarot can offer insights on general card meanings as well!

Now that you have more information, we want to encourage to go out and try pulling your own cards. Find a deck that you feel drawn to, whether it is because of the art or the inspiration, and begin playing around with it.

If you're looking for some decks online, check out our selection here!

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