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7 Grounding Stones and their uses!

When you are looking to ground with crystals there are so many different options, so we thought we’d give you a little breakdown of the most popular grounding stones and the differences between them!


Uses: Grounding, Energetic Protection

Element: Earth

Black Tourmaline is one of the most popular stones for grounding, as it is deeply connected to the earth and can provide structure and protection. Many people will grid their homes with black tourmaline to guard from any negative energy directed at them or their home.


Uses: Grounding, Anxiety reduction

Element: Air

Smoky Quartz is one of the stones we recommend most when someone is feeling so ungrounded that it is creating feelings of anxiety or panic attacks. We like to describe it as the “deep breath” stone, where when you hold onto it it almost feels like taking a deep breath and like you are centering yourself. If you aren’t generally drawn to black stones, Smoky Quartz is an amazing option.


Uses: EMF Protection, Grounding, Technology Issues

Element: Air

Shungite is newer to the game, only being released from Russia in the 70s, it has been tested and shown to absorb excess energy from Electromagnetic Fields. Reducing your EMF intake can help with sleep, metabolism, and overall feeling better in your body. It can also help with technology that is having trouble connecting to the internet or other devices if there is an excess of energy.


Uses: Grounding, Healing past wounds to Root Chakra

Element: Fire

Garnet is one of our favorite grounding stones because of how healing it can be for deeper wounds to the root chakra. It is especially great for helping you work through issues from your childhood or many years ago. In addition to healing the root chakra, it also helps with grounding.


Uses: Grounding and Energetic Protection

Element: Fire and Water

Obsidian is an amazing stone if you have a lot of fire or water energy and are looking for a black grounding stone with movement. Since Obsidian is created by magma cooling in water, it combines both energies while grounding. It is also a stone many like to use for personal energetic protection.


Uses: Energetic Protection and Calming

Element: Air

Black Kyanite, like its sister stone Blue Kyanite, is an amazing stone for protecting your personal energy, as well as balancing your energy. You can also use it for clearing and calming your body before or during meditation.


Uses: Energetic Protection and Grounding

Element: Fire

Hematite is a stone that exploded in popularity the last few years with trends online focusing on Hematite rings. It is an incredibly heavy stone, making it a great stone for "bringing you down to earth" especially when you are working with your crown and third eye chakras. It is also said to help absorb negative energy directed towards you.

What's your favorite grounding stone and which one are you most excited to try out next? Let us know in the comments below!

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