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5 Best Crystals for Scorpios!

Scorpios bring an intensity and purpose to life that is unrivaled by most. Incredibly loyal, Scorpios are dedicated and passionate about the people and things they love in their life and their purpose. They are persistent and strive to achieve and accomplish whatever they put their minds too. They have a tendency to hide their emotions and internalize things, which can lead to frustration and miscommunication. However, when they tap into their intuitive abilities they are powerfully perceptive and have an impressive lie detecting ability.

So, when we were picking the best possible stones for Scorpios, we factored in what they would need to support them throughout their season


Labradorite is one of Scorpio’s birth stones, and it’s one of the best stones for them. It helps Scorpios tap into their Divine Masculinity and take action more easily. It also empowers them to tap into their Third Eye and use their intuition.


Citrine is one of Scorpio’s other birthstones, and acts like a ray of sunshine to break through their inner storminess. It also helps them to embrace their self confidence and release stuck emotions.

Pink Scolcite

Pink Scolcite has amazing properties of clearing and cleansing the heart and your emotional state. For Scorpios, who can easily hang onto grudges or slights, Pink Scolcite will allow you to release and move forward feeling emotionally free.


Scorpios, when standing in their highest power, are impressive forces for getting things done. When they aren’t, they can feel unmotivated and struggle to complete anything. Trolleite acts as an amazing motivator and accountability buddy.


Scorpios almost universally struggle with expressing themselves. This can lead to feeling misunderstood and big explosions of emotions. Aquamarine encourages them to speak their feelings and express themselves.

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