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5 Best Crystals for Sagittarians!

Sagittarians are the Wanderers of the Zodiac; whether it be wandering to try and experience something new or wandering in their mind chasing a singular thought. They view life as something to be discovered almost apuzzle to unlock. While many Sagittarians are incredibly captivating to others, their blunt communication and brutal honesty can create challenges in their relationships. However, they have an incredible ability to highlight the positivity and beauty in the world.

So, when we were picking the best possible stones for Sagittarians, we factored in what they would need to support them throughout their season


With their brilliant minds and desire to learn and experience everything, Sagittarians can struggle with slowing down and creating roots. Amethyst helps calm the body and still the frequently overthinking mind of the Sagittarius.


Celestite is a stone that helps you connect with the angelic realm and helps you tap into your intuition and higher consciousness. For the Sagittarian who wants to to always learn more, Celestite is a perfect tool to allow them to explore while coming to peace with what limitations and what they can’t control.

Tigers Eye

Many times Sagittarians can struggle with completing what they start, whether it is a new hobby, career, or journey. Tigers Eye is an amazing stone to support them with staying dedicated and focused. It can also give them the courage to chase after the dreams that live in their head.


As one of Sagittarius’s birth stones, Turquoise has a powerful connection to the wanderer at heart. It calms the mind and brings peace and protection to its wearer. As they explore all that the world has to offer, Turquoise will support them in their journey of self discovery and deeper knowledge.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate works with the throat chakra and is amazing for helping Sagittarians communicate their passion and ideas. It tempers and softens their somewhat blunt phrasing and brutal honesty, easing miscommunications and hurt feelings.

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