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New Moon Rituals and Practices

Whether you are starting your journey with magic and the metaphysical or it has been in your life for a while, learning about and working with the Lunar Cycle can be so helpful. Human beings, but women in particular, are directly tied to the moon through the cycles that ebb and flow in our life. And once you begin to register habits, feelings, and actions and correlate them to the energy of the moon, you are able to start seeing how connected we truly are.So we will be breaking down the different phases of the moon, what their energy is and what rituals you can do to support yourself.

New Moons are the very beginning of the Lunar Cycle. They represent fresh starts, a clearing out of the old, and the possibilities of new dreams and goals. Energetically, leading up to and during the new moon you may feel extra tired, introverted, and feel inspired to go inwards. Think of it almost like Winter. There is less light, so we are a little sleepier than normal.This may also be a time where emotions that have been hidden away for the last month come up to express themselves so they can be released.

So what can you do to provide yourself extra self love and support during this time? Let’s talk about practices and rituals!


The most important thing you can do surrounding the New Moon is to listen to your physical body and allow yourself rest. This generally might mean going to sleep earlier or sleeping in later if you can. It may also mean having better sleep hygiene, like putting electronics away earlier or drinking a relaxing cup of tea before you head to bed.

Another important factor is making sure you are hydrated. When we are shifting a lot of things energetically, our body needs water to help the energy continue to move and refresh our minds and bodies. This could look like trying to drink more water, or cutting out this like extra coffee or alcohol.

Creating a list of intentions for the upcoming month. Even if you don’t do any specific rituals with the intentions, making the point to look forward and give yourself somewhat of a roadmap towards your dreams and visions can help you manifest and bring more into your life.


Cleanse and Clear your life. You might naturally get fed up with a mess in your life and feel the need to straighten it out around the new moon, but If you don't, this is the time for a clean and refresh of your space and personal energy. This may mean cleaning and putting clutter away and then energetically clearing your space with incense, sage, a room clearing spray or selenite. Taking a shower before going to bed might also be a good idea for clearing off the energy of the previous month so you can move in fresh and new.

Create a crystal grid over your intentions and place it in your windowsill. If you want to make the most of writing down your intentions, amplify with crystals! You can choose to place crystals on and around your intentions in view of the new moon to help the crystals soak up that energy while amplifying and holding space for your intentions. This will work even better if you select crystals that support the energy behind your intention. (ie: Rose Quartz for self love and acceptance, Citrine or Jade for financial prosperity)

Meditate and do Breathwork in the energy of the moon. This is great for when you can actually go outside and soak in all the new moon energy, however any time you take for yourself to help you center and ground under the new moon is powerful. Reflection and releasing are important when starting a new moon cycle, so take the time to experience and create that space for you. Breathwork is incredible for helping you ground and reconnect with your body, especially if you have been feeling aimless or drifting.

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