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Sound Healer and Breath Worker



Education/certifications/specializations: Kinesiology, Therapeutic Breathwork, Personal Training, Percisition Nutrition, Kettlebells, Crystal Readings, Results Coaching.

Who I am in this world is DO ALL THE THINGS. There are never 2 days that are the same and I LOVE it that way. I was raised by a mystic and an engineer and I lucked out to come out with a 50/50 mix. A bit of practical magic. In my former career I was a fitness executive for a non profit and in my new life, I create customized clearing and systems for people's homes and businesses. 

I was raised by a powerhouse of a mother who introduced me to the world of the esoteric at a very young age. I have been studying and practicing breathwork for the past 10 years and am excited to bring this modality to Sienna Moon. The breath is a function of the body that is both autonomic and yet we can control. This is a perfect mirror for how so much of our lives happen around us. There are many areas that are routine and ritual and yet at any moment we can choose to change. Breathwork is a safe place to allow yourself to relax, release traumas, meditate and create an abundance of energy in our cells by clearing out the clutter that we no longer need. 

If you are interested in clearing the clutter in your home to create not just a home but a life you love, I offer free consultations at Sienna Moon. I pride myself on integrity and ensuring that you have a delightful and empowering experience. Through this process the physical items in your home will be in alignment with who you want to be in all areas of your life 

In the store, I offer Crystal Readings. This experience is much like a tarot reading but I use the crystals to guide me to the answers.  

In private sessions I use a variety of healing modalities including oracle cards, crystal sound bowls, guided meditation, crystals and a variety of breathing techniques. 

In my personal life I am a very active person who has a small 16 year old cat. Powerlifting, painting, snowboarding, kayaking, swimming, biking, traveling, writing recipes, and even home rehab. 

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