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Why do I use so many Oracle Card Decks?

After all my Energy Healing and Balancing sessions I pull oracle cards. I typically pull from no less than three decks…

So why oracle cards and why so many decks?

Oracle cards help me gain insight into intuitive information that I pick up during our session. During a session, I may feel heaviness at the heart chakra or a pit in my stomach. When I pull oracle cards it helps give clarity on why I felt those things. Then we can come up with a plan for you to care for your energy.

It also provides an outlet for your highest self to fill me in on what is energetically happening for you at the moment. Your highest self is the version of you that has a higher perspective and acts as your north star.

Every oracle card deck has a different theme, some feature angels, some have animals, and some feature chakras. The themes for an Oracle deck are pretty much endless. So I like to have multiple on hand to provide me with different perspectives and vantage points. Using multiple decks gives me the clearest picture of your need. Also, it's just plain fun. It's exciting to see multiple imageries and words in a card reading. It gets super exciting when I pull cards from two separate decks that are communicating a similar message. Coincidence? I think not, more like cosmic confirmation.

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