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Unconditional Love

Falling in love and feeling unconditional love has been a desire of mine ever since I can remember. I had my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and most of my wedding planned. Thanks to all those beautiful love stories I watched on TV that gave me an unrealistic idea of what unconditional love was. I’ve always been a dreamer (not going to change either), in my head I had my vision and patiently waited for it to appear. After years of failed experiences, the thing was consistent: I would turn to my pet and say at least I have you and I know you love me. Then the day came where it sunk in, my beloved dog Bentley (aka, Doodle) would be my greatest teacher. Now I should probably add that I’m an animal communicator so my conversions with Doodle are a little different than most, however the lessons I learned didn’t require the use of my gift. I started realizing all of the selfless things he was providing for me because he loves me unconditionally. He was beside me when I was sick, he was a friend that I could share my thoughts and concerns with without judgment, regardless of what was going on he was there to provide love and support. Even if he got in trouble (which is hardly ever because he is the best dog, lol) and I would scold him, he still loved me.

So with that said I started to reflect what unconditional love felt like and meant to me in my relationships (love, friends, family and work). Here is what I found, loving someone should feel amazing, bring a smile to our face and make our heart feel warm and fuzzy. The sad thing was some of my relationships did not feel that way. I changed how I interacted with people, I gave them respect and acted according to how I wanted to be treated.

The bottom line is if you have a pet and already have an amazing bond and relationship with them cherish it as long as you can. If you feel that your bond needs a little work, think about how your pet loves you unconditionally even when we are having a bad day and are you respecting and loving them the same. Here are a few ways to strengthen your bond:

  • Training - Teaching your dog a new trick not only helps them learn better manners and behavior but is a mentally enriching activity that deepens your connection.

  • Exercise Together - Getting more exercise is always a plus for humans and our pets.

  • Spa Day - Treating your dog to a spa day can become an activity they cherish, this doesn’t just have to be grooming it can include energy work as well (Reiki).

  • Play Together - Figure out what your dog’s favorite activity is and engage with them fully. Actively participate in fetch or tug-of-war and your dog will feed off of your excitement. Also, active play can be more stimulating than regular routine exercise alone.

  • Spend Cuddle Time - Your dog might appreciate a quick pat on the head here and there throughout the day. However, be sure to spend some intentional time engaging in physical contact with your pet.

  • Routine, Routine, Routine - Pets thrive on consistent schedules. By creating a routine together, they’ll know what to expect from you and when, which only serves to build their trust in you further. Additionally, they’ll learn what is expected from them and deliver, and we all know pets love making their owners proud!

Animals are loyal!!!

They will defend their pack, play with them and follow them. This is a great lesson: give respect and loyalty to our spouse, significant other, friend and family members and act according to how we would like to be treated. The bond you create with your pet will last a lifetime!

Happy Snuggling,


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