The Importance of Whip Cream on Coffee

I did it. I put whipped cream on my coffee. Not only do I find the cup appealing to my eye, but the cream on top looks and tastes perfect.

I hadn’t fully realized how important my environment is until the past 3 years. While I have always enjoyed decorating and making my space mine, I also haven’t taken the time to fully explore this.

As an emotional projector in human design, the environment I live in is equal to my inner balance.I have mostly open centers, which means I can feel the environment around me all the time.

My aura blends with others’ and I need to retreat frequently in order to replenish and strengthen my own energy. If I don’t strengthen myself, I cannot be there to guide others.

This need for retreat and replenishing has brought up feelings of laziness, depression, and just not being good enough. What am I doing all day? Why am I just laying here when I have a huge list of things to do?

But the truth is, it’s just who I am and how my energy works. For someone like me, if I can have a calming space to go home to and cleanse and recharge my energy bodies each night, this will prepare me for the work that I am doing each day.

If I ignore this need, I go home to rest and recharge, and I end up sitting and focusing on the stress of that space. This leaves me feeling depleted, sad, and unmotivated.

But when I am able to fully replenish and recharge, I am able to tap into my gifts each day and to help myself and others.

This is important.

I am important.

You are important.

What do you need or think you need in your environment to help you achieve balance?

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