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  • Are you stressed?

  • Are you struggling with hiring?

  • Do you have high staff turnover?

  • Is productivity down?

  • Is your work and life out of harmony?

Let us help you create a long term vision for your business, create a better environment for health and wellness, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Sienna Moon is open to customizing and creating the experience for your needs with various options and possibilities. 

Retreat at Sienna Moon

  • Movement Classes - Yoga, stretching, chair movement, free flow

  • Meditation - Focused towards stress reduction, project alignment, productivity

  • Learning Opportunities - Stress management, small changes towards goal accomplishment, introduction to the flow of energy

  • Team Visioning - Specific process to bring clarity to the business purpose, services, products, and team member’s engagement

Business Coaching Services

  • Finding alignment with life and business 

  • Discovering blocks to your goals

  • Lowering high stress levels

In-House Retreat

  • Examining the energetics of the space

  • Understanding team’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Team building sessions - Visioning, interactive discussions

  • Discovering what is blocking the business’s momentum

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