Esoteric Healer



Dawn has been intuitive all of her life. She honed these skills while being in nature as a young girl. As she grew, nature is where she found refuge and understanding. As she was pulled towards the corporate world to provide for her family she continued to seek the truth of life. Dawn has attended many trainings in her quest for harmony and balance in her life. She learned to hone her skills and pull from the universe the wisdom to assist her in being successful in the business world while practicing her passion of helping others.

Dawn has studied yoga, reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, shamanic ways and the way of nature. While diving into these practices she discovered how expansive this world and the universe can be. She explores the past, present and future of this plain of existence and those of other galaxies and time lines. She pulls into her life and helps others to use this information to guide and embody in the present moment this knowledge.

Dawn sees life in a unique way and brings refreshing thoughts and acceptance into each experience. Her depth of diving deep into her soul’s journey allows her to continually be surprised and seeking of more for each of us to enjoy.