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Reiki Pracititioner



Hello! My name is Colleen Showen, I have been practicing Reiki for the last few years.

What brought me to practice Reiki was due to my first experience with Reiki 6 years ago.  What I experienced was relief and relaxation as I felt a weight lifted off of me.  The Reiki resonated with me and overtime I continuously crossed paths with others involved in Reiki and holistic healing.  I felt a nudge from the universe to move forward and became certified in Reiki.

My passion is to help others heal, release, and relax through a holistic effect.  Every individual has a unique experience during my reiki sessions; the most common is peace, contentment and relaxation.

We all have a prevailing life energy within ourselves, we sometimes need assistance in releasing, clearing and simply relaxing. There is no special kind of faith or belief required as we are all beautiful infinite loving souls that have a pure universal life energy flowing through us.

I am grateful for your time and being able to assist you in your journey to greater individual harmony and attunement within.

Blessings to you..

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